Christmas gift idea: bathroom in a can

Hey everyone!

So it’s no secret by now that I love IKEA. And when my little sister mentioned wanting house stuff for Christmas, I thought it would be a good idea to give her a bathroom in a can, (a garbage can to be exact).

My little sis will be moving out of our parent’s house this summer and transferring to a four-year school. So while bathroom things don’t seem like that thrilling of a gift, I know she’s going to like this when she moves into her first apartment. Plus, she’s not into home decor, as illustrated by her frequent plea, “You should just decorate my whole apartment for me.” So I decided to take her up on her beg offer.

I decided to get everything she’ll need in a bathroom (minus towels to stay on budget).

I scoured IKEA’s website this week before I went because: A. It’s always good to have a game plan in a store like IKEA and B. I wanted to have some sort of theme in mind.

I decided to base everything around this blue shower curtain. From there I went for a blue, black, and white color scheme. For $4.99 the price was great and I knew she’d love the color.


Next, I bought some things I use in my own bathroom from IKEA, like this garbage can, shower caddy, and toilet brush. (Nothing says Merry Christmas like a toilet brush, right?)


I also bought her these two hand towels so even if she decides to go for different color towels, she’ll have some to match her decor.


One of the best bargains was this bathroom set. For $2.99 it came with a soap dispenser, a soap holder, and a toothbrush holder. Granted, the quality isn’t going to last forever, but I look at all college decor as more of a right-now type of thing.


I also got this bathmat, and a blue candle holder, which I plan on sticking one of my spare white tea light candles in.



I decided I should also buy something to put on the walls. After looking through the picture/art section and not really finding anything I liked, I found this fabric that I loved and fit my color scheme. I bought half a yard for $4.50. (Tune in later this week to find out what I did with this stripey guy.)


With the exception of a shower liner and some shower curtain rings, her present is ready. I plan to put all of the items in the garbage can and wrap it up!

Here’s a budget breakdown:

-Garbage can $1.99

-Shower caddy $6.99

-Toilet brush $0.99

-Bathroom set $2.99

-Rug $2.99

-Hand towels $2.99 x 2

-Shower curtain $4.99

-Candle holder $1.99

-Fabric $4.50

Total = $33.41 (plus some tax)


I wanted to stay around $25 so I don’t feel too bad going a few dollars over, especially when I know that everything will be useful.

I could see this sort of idea translating to so many rooms. You could do a kitchen version and fill a mixing bowl with spoons and pot holders, or an office version with a drawer organizer filled with thumb tacks, paper clips, and a stapler.

Don’t forget to come back later this week to find out what I did with the fabric!

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