Fabric dyeing | Learning from the experts

This afternoon, I sat in on Pacific Fabric’s monthly Creative-U event hosted by company spokesperson Chris Groce.

The session lasted just-under an hour and covered new techniques in fabric dyeing, the products available at Pacific Fabric, and also some new trends in quilting. The event was free and attendance was rewarded with a 20 percent off coupon for any of the products covered in the seminar.

Groce spoke about a variety of products and new dyeing techniques that could be used in quilting. But a lot of them would be great from home DIY too.

Look at that tree stencil painted onto the fabric. That is just begging to become a throw pillow or tote bag.

The key takeaway for budget-DIYers is that it’s easy to make your own hand-dyed fabrics for a fraction of what they would cost from a retailer.

For students on a budget, it’s a good way to try before you buy.

“It’s a good place to find something you’d really like (to try out),” she said. “It’s really about education, even employees come and listen.”

Groce hosts these seminars once a month. November’s session will be on fast and fabulous holiday decor and December’s will cover last-minute Christmas gifts.

Pacific Fabrics is near Northgate mall and is about a 25-minute bus ride.

Listen to a news-podcast I did about Groce’s events here: 

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